Survival Techniques

Tecniche di Sopravvivenza

The best survival techniques to respond in situations of extreme danger (including First Aid Survival and Tactical Survival), courses dedicated to those who wish to go beyond the limit of endurance, rich rewards for the adventurous. Each series of courses is offered in two versions (basic and advanced), consisting of 4 seasonal events.

Before attending the advanced course you will be deprived of every comfort, while the basic course is accessible to all and requires no previous experience or physical preparation. The basic course is designed to help anyone to face in the best way a real emergency, but also to make you confront yourselves.

In the advanced course you haven’t at your disposal any technological resource (tent, sleeping bags and food), a test of extreme realism that will allow you to rediscover capacity now dormant for a long time.

The natural environment is not without risks, are always present and potentially dangerous wild animals (snakes, wild boars, insects and other predators) – the presence and knowledge of the behavior of wild animals is an integral part of the course.

The course is conducted under the guidance and constant supervision of experienced instructors, who will show step by step how to survive scattered in a forest, in extreme conditions of isolation from civilization. During the course you will learn that nature is a real source of resources which can warm, protect and survive.

The survival courses feature four separate seasonal sessions (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn), each with specific characteristics and different trials due to changes in environmental conditions (weather, flora, fauna and resources available).

Some of the topics covered during our courses:

  • General safety rules
  • Psychology of survival
  • Water purification
  • Construction of emergency shelters
  • Lighting the fire
  • Setting up a base camp
  • Overnight in the woods
  • Toolmaking
  • Construction of rudimentary weapons
  • Proper use of equipment
  • Ropes and knots
  • Construction of rudimental traps
  • Rescue signals
  • Fundamentals of First Aid

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