We are dedicated to helping you grow as a person, as consultant and to becoming an Affiliate Instructor. Everyday we have people contact us at from all levels of their tactical expertise and inquire about becoming an Instructor with us at T-Shape Academy. Most are looking for a place where they are free to study what they want when they want. They are looking for a place where they can get authentic certification, have access to unlimited knowledge on the techniques, get Training Club building materials, help with their questions, attend an occasional event where they make lasting friendships.

T-Shape Self-Defense is establishing presences on four continents. The style is licensed in three different levels of participation: Affiliate Instructors-Tutors, Affiliate Schools, and Training Clubs:

  • Affiliate Instructors and Tutors¬†operate as independently owned businesses authorized to train the T-Shape Self-Defense under license agreement.
  • Affiliate Schools are professionally run academies, with full-time facilities dedicated for T-Shape Self-Defense instruction, and are authorized to award T-Shape Self-Defense rank.
  • Training Clubs are groups of up to 40 members training together in the T-Shape Self-Defense under direction of a licensed Affiliate Instructor. Training Clubs are not professional schools, and often use shared facilities not exclusively dedicated for T-Shape Self-Defense instruction. Most clubs do not award T-Shape Self-Defense ranks however, some have done so through their sponsoring Instructors.

T-Shape Certification & Courses

Long Distance eLearning allows students to purchase courses for personal use. Students test for promotion by travelling to a licensed Affiliate School. Advanced tests must be conducted in person.

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